Hope is Made of Steel – Northcote Interview

I recently had the opportunity to get Matt Goud of Northcote on the phone to fire a few questions his way. Northcote are currently on tour throughout Canada with Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls. They swing through Ottawa on March 12th to play the Bronson Centre. More info on tickets can be found over at Spectrasonic.

Here’s what Matt had to say:


How’s the tour going?

It has been a really good time. Frank’s got some great people with him. We are travelling around together. It has been challenging but I’m learning a lot from this group of Englishmen. We were just out in the Maritimes, my wife and I live on Vancouver Island and I feel like the Maritimes get kinda forgotten out there. It was a lot of fun. I love it out there.

We played London last night and we just finished up lunch at a buddy’s Breakfast/Brunch place here called The Early Bird, which is awesome.

Heading to Waterloo soon, we’ll be playing a new place there called Maxwell’s. Should be a good time, I’m Looking forward to it.


You spent a lot of your childhood in a church choir and singing hymns. Was there a specific Album or artist that made you think , “Wow, I want to do that instead!”

Yeah, I grew up in a Christian home. No drugs, No Piano, no Trumpet just your voice. So it was just, open up the book and start singing from that. At 13 I picked up a couple political punk/Skate Punk albums. Started listening to bands like Propaghandi and Good Riddance and liked a lot of the message in the music as well. I remember seeing Good Riddance play in Saskatchewan and  he came out with pink hair and a Chicago Bulls jersey. People didn’t look like that in Carlyle, Saskatchewan. I love the energy of the music but also that they were good people singing about Animal rights and Sexism. Satanic Surfers too, They had a lot of songs about that stuff.


Invisible Diamonds – Produced by The Pete (Pete Steinkopf of The Bouncing Souls), How did  the opportunity to work with Pete arise? 

After the Self-Titled Album was released we got in to touring in the U.S. and U.K. and I had a few songs that I didn’t really think there was an album there but I wanted a bit more material for headlining shows. That’s where Invisible Diamonds came from.

I met Pete through the U.S. tour with Dave Hause and those guys. It was great to work with Pete. They are a great group of guys.


Who does your album artwork? Are all albums done by the same artist?

Yeah, All our artwork is done by a good friend of mine John Gerrard. He’s starting to do some exhibits in and around Calgary.


I’d like to ask you about Means, How did the music you were a part of there align with your own personal tastes?

Yeah, That was all we listened to at the time was Hardcore. We were a very sheltered Christian high school. I was going to a high school in small town Manitoba and there were 2 high schools, A Christian school and then the Public school. There was a few local bands and we started playing shows around there. The other bands weren’t necessarily hardcore. But yeah, that was all I listened to until I was about 21.


You mentioned on your website that your wife’s Favourite band is Hey Rosetta. Does what your wife listens to influence the stuff you make at all?

I don’t think so, I mean we still go to shows together all the time. The last show we saw was at this little hippy café in Nanaimo. I don’t even remember the name of the act but it was a little hippy two piece act, she was playing the pipe bass and he was kicking a suitcase. It was very west coast.


You’re going to be in Ottawa on March 12th with Frank Turner.  Having lived here for a period of time is there any bar or restraint or anywhere in the city that you are looking forward to visiting again?

Yeah my wife and I were there for a short period for a work opportunity. We had intended on staying longer but the west coast is home now so we moved back. We lived in the area of the new stadium (Landsdowne) and I actually rented a space in the basement of Irene’s on Bank St. which is where I wrote Hope is Made of Steel. I had that space everyday form 9am-2pm. I just really like that area. And now there’s House of Targ too. The year and a bit I spent in Ottawa (2014) was the busiest for Northcote in terms of touring so I really wasn’t there a lot. I really just like walking around that neighbourhood.

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