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The Wicked Mercy are releasing their new album, Sundown, at the Rainbow Bistro on December 5, 2015, at 9:30pm. If you’ve been listening to them for the past few years, you’ll notice that Sundown is a step in a somewhat new direction for the band. While still maintaining the bluesy rock core, many of the grooves and solos have more of a doom/stoner rock sound. I’m a big fan of this new album, and I was recently lucky enough to sit down with guitarist Dave Nadeau to discuss the making of the album, fun times on tour, and having Bad Reputation Records back them in Europe.

Right after releasing their self-titled album in 2013, The Wicked Mercy got to work on Sundown. Corey, the new drummer, joined the band and recorded the last song of the self-titled album, and it was during the recording of this song that Dave knew that he would be able to play some heavier tunes on Sundown. Dave credits Corey with helping find the balance between metal and bluesy rock. “[The guitar tracks] started out as pretty much straight up metal riffs, and Corey tempered them to heavy rock. When I come in too heavy he’ll be like: ‘whoa, let’s pull ‘er back a little!’ He’s the voice of reason” Lead singer Case Bronson has also come over to the metal side recently, says Nadeau. “Case started getting into Mastodon, where he was mostly into older blues. Once he started getting into the heavier stuff he started bringing heavier songs to the table.” When I asked what influences the band’s sound, Dave said they’re just trying to play what they love, taking elements of multiple genres and melding them into The Wicked Mercy. “Everyone’s trying to fit directly into a genre and be the angriest of the angry, or the happiest of the happy, the fuckin’ boringest of the boring. With us, I guess we take elements from all of it and meet in the middle.”

The Wicked Mercy recently did a tour of Eastern Canada, dubbed The Pepsi Rehearsal Tour, due to Dave teaching his bandmates to love Pepsi, and the nature of their relative unknown-ness on the east coast. “This was the initial tour. You’re gonna play to a lot of empty rooms, impress a lot of bartenders. That being said, there are a lot of places that will surprise you.” Like the trailer park in New Brunswick where they played their first show. They played to a great crowd, despite the fact that there was a festival going on in the area. The owner of the park was also kind enough to put them up in his own trailer for free. True Maritime hospitality! In Cape Breton the band also impressed some local musicians, and drew passers-by in off the streets creating for a great night! If that’s not a testament to the quality of the band and their music, what is?

As part of this upward trajectory, The Wicked Mercy has  recently been signed to a new label to get some European distribution, as well. “We recently got signed to a label, Bad Reputation Records, in France. The guys we’re releasing with, Suns of Stone, are on that label. We’re really excited about that. They’re so behind us, this label.” While the band does its own distribution in North America, they can now rely on Bad Reputation to provide European distribution. The band is also hoping that this partnership will provide them the opportunity to tour Europe in the future. Dave, personally, would love to get to Spain. “My lifelong dream is to get to Spain, so I need to get down there. If I could DJ I’d be in Ibiza, but I’m no Frankie Wilde.” Well, here’s hoping that Dave’s dream comes true!


Steve Bowers

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