PINE Interview

I recently had the opportunity to fire a few questions towards Ottawa based Indie/Emo outfit PINE. This group of 5 are currently touring in support of their Split with Take This To Heart Records label mates, Dead Leaves. The pair of bands will bring their tour to Rituals next Sunday, November 22nd (more details below). Here’s what Pine came back with for answers.

EastScene: When did Pine start playing together and what brought you together?
PINE: PINE started out as an acoustic two piece. Myself and a friend. We decided to expand and we just found some friends who may be interested. And here we are.
ES: What are some of your main influences musically or otherwise?
PINE : Black dahlia murder and Slipknot.
ES: I see Pine getting put into that “Emo Revival” Category a lot. How is that received within the band?
PINE: We don’t want to revive the old emo, we want to be part of a new wave of emo.
ES: How did Pine come to be on Take This To Heart Records?
PINE: We met Dead Leaves and through the split we were introduced into Take this to heart.
ES: How much of your time does the band take up at the moment? What else are you trying to squeeze in i.e. Work, School, Pets etc..
PINE:It takes up a good chunk of my time, even just handling the social media side of things can eat up your time. But i don’t mind at all, nothing i’d rather be working on. We all have our jobs we work, its just a matter of finding the balance, and getting people to take care of your pets when you’re gone.
ES: Who is responsible for your artwork?
PINE: For “You bury me” Kyan De Vere from Australia. For the split Imogen Wilson, shes a wonderful lady we met on our first tour.
ES: Plans for a full length/Touring more extensively?
PINE : Definitely looking to put something out more extensive, and tour our asses off.
I for one am really looking forward to this show. For Tickets and more info Check out the good Folks at

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