The Vaccines’ “Melody Calling”: Your Night Driving Soundtrack

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The perfect EP for summer time, Melody Calling by London natives, The Vaccines, provides the perfect musical backdrop to driving at night with the windows down, or sitting back with your sunglasses on, enjoying a drink.

Although the album has a chilled out feeling to it, the lyrics are somewhat dark for the seemingly happy melodies. The first song on the EP shares a song title with the name of the album, starting off with some pretty dirty distortion and evens out to have that “beachy” feel to it. Although short lived, it has quite the intense guitar solo in it, giving the album back the indie feel that the band built their name on.

Of the Ep’s four songs, the stand out track was “Everybody’s Gonna Let You Down”. It repeats the title of the song with an ironic happy melody to back it up.

The album’s lyrical content doesn’t mess around; they are blunt and get to the point of the song. Seeing that the band is more indie rock, the riffs in every song are catchy and bad ass.

The third song on the EP, “Do You Want a Man”, sounds like it would be in the background of a romantic date, if you were living in the 60’s.

This is quite the versatile EP, it would be great for a party, and it has potential to be in a movie soundtrack. Overall I think the EP something you should get your hands on.

By:Kalene Carlineo


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