Warped Tour 2013!

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1995 set the stage for the now annual Warp Tour. Starting out small, with only 15 bands and a few skateboarding competitions, the tour is a major summer event. Fast forward to the 2013 line-up and you see a  North American-wide tour, including over 100 bands and solo acts.

Tuesday`s event, in Scranton Pennsylvania, saw temperatures rising up towards the triple digits, as fans packed into school buses, heading towards the hilltop venue.

Upon entering the venue The Story So Far, a pop-punk band, from Walnut Creek, California, was playing the Kia Forte Main Stage. They had an eight song set, which got the crowd jumping around, moshing, and crowd surfing.

The Wonder Years, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania were next up to the main stage. Half way through the band`s set, they had asked the crowd if they were excited to see bands like Man Overboard, a pop-punk band from New Jersey, and Letlive, a post-hardcore band from LA, getting the crowd excited for even more amazing acts.

Throughout the day, a lot of bands told their fans to check out other band’s sets, even if they were on different stages, giving the “family” vibe to Warped Tour.

No stranger to the tour and returning for the sixth time, The Used who has been together for 12 years, played a 7 song set for hundreds of adoring fans. After every song on the set list, the lead singer, Bert McCracken, would remind the crowd that if not for their support, they would not have had so much incredible success.

Warped Tour is not just for high profile bands. On smaller stages, such as the Domo, or Kevin Says, up-and-comers like Tonight Alive wowed the Warp Tour crowd. An Australian based band, formed in 2008 and returning to Warped for their second year, the band has been blowing up through the Warped “scene,” touring throughout North America since 2011 – definitely a band to watch out for.

One of the things that set Warped Tour apart from other festivals is its ability to bring all sorts of different people together, who will act like a family on one special day. Coming from all around, to see their favorite bands and scream the lyrics of their favorite songs, which bring a sense of unity between all sorts of different people.

For some, Warped is what they wait all year for. Though outsiders may wonder why thousands of people want to come together to sit in the sun for 8+ hours, and sweat to death for music, Insiders understand that Warped Tour provides the type of musical escape and sense of family togetherness that many people really need.

If you’re like me, and you have to drive hours to go to Warped Tour, here is why the journey is worth it: You get to discover new music, see your favorite bands, and meet some awesome individuals. Overall, Warped Tour is one of the best festivals there is, as long as you’re willing to sweat it out a little!

By: Kalene Carlineo


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