Eastscene Preview of Edgefest 2013

Just as it seems to do every other year, summer is speeding right past us. You better make sure to soak up every scorching hot minute of it! If the month of July hasn’t yet lived up to your expectations, there’s still a chance of salvaging it with a one-day musical event on July 31st… this event would be the 26-year-old Toronto tradition that is Edgefest. Eastscene will be in attendance, and you should be too!

Held in Downsview Park in Toronto, Edgefest has a lineup of 17 killer bands, set to perform on either the main stage or side stage. Visiting the side stage, you’ll see a great variety of bands including Capital Cities, Twin Forks, Great Bloomers, You Won’t, Imaginary Cities, The Treasures, Lucius, The Treble, and Hey Marseilles. On the main stage this year are Band of Horses, The Neighbourhood, Monster Truck, Dinosaur Bones, Wake Owl, July Talk and Mother Mother, with The Lumineers as headliners.  Let’s delve a little deeper and take a closer look at some of Edgefest 2013’s performers, shall we?

Capital Cities is what one might call indie-pop… synthpop… perhaps, indietronica?  Whatever genre you decide to label the Los Angeles duo as, their tunes are guaranteed to get you moving and/or grooving. In a Tidal Wave of Mystery is their debut album and the single “Safe and Sound” has made the top 5 on Billboard’s Alternative Songs list. Keep an eye out for Capital Cities headlining the side stage, especially if you’re in need of a good dancing session.

Vancouver’s own Mother Mother is an alt-rock quintet that formed in 2005 – and back in those days, there was actually only one Mother! With four studio albums out since their formation, it’s safe to say the group has evolved and really come into their own. Their catchy songs can be described simply as addictive. If you haven’t heard any of their more recent singles like “Bit by Bit” or “Let’s Fall in Love”, it is recommended that you do so… over and over again. Prepare to welcome Mother Mother onto all new playlists you make and get ready to fall in love with them live on the main stage at Edgefest.

Formed in Seattle but now based out of South Carolina, the indie/alt-country Band of Horses is a main stage band at this year’s Edgefest. You’re sure to recognize their song called “The Funeral”; used in numerous films, video games, and television shows such as Criminal Minds, Gossip Girl, and How I Met Your Mother. This track came off of their first full-length record from 2006 called Everything All The Time, and in late 2012 Band of Horses released Mirage Rock, their fourth studio album. Check out their set for a more mellow vibe and some sweet vocal harmonies!

Dine Alone’s Dinosaur Bones (Yes, that does rhyme, doesn’t it?) will also have a spot on the main stage this year. Since their start in 2007, the band has gone from recording independently and performing locally to playing at many major Canadian festivals including Canadian Music Week and North by Northeast. They’ve toured with Tokyo Police Club, Arkells, and Hollerado – in fact, they’ve played Edgefest before, as well! Their first full length album My Divider was produced by Jon Drew (Arkells, Tokyo Police Club, and F***ed Up) and includes eleven impressive and gripping tracks, one of them being “N.Y.E.“.

Let’s talk about July Talk; it’s only fitting for the month we’re in. The newly-formed Toronto band released their self-titled debut album in the fall of 2012. All it takes is one song – take “Guns + Ammunition” for example – and you’re hooked. Their sound is unexpected and original, sure to make an impression on music-listeners everywhere! They’re a band to look out for (or rather, keep an ear out for) and a definite must see at Edgefest 2013.

The bands talked about above are only a bite-sized portion of the amazing plate stocked full of musicians that will be playing Edgefest, so do yourself a favour and look more into the rest of the lineup right here.

Let it be known that tickets are now on sale to the public, available at Ticketmaster.ca and by phone at (855) 985-5000. Limited VIP tickets are also available, which include access to an area with prime stage viewing, a VIP bar, fast pass entry and more – check it out! Ticket info can also be found at www.edge.ca and www.goldenvoice.com. Hope to see you there!

Natalya Fumo

Writer, amateur shower singer, and active concert attendee. Aspiring director with a slight music addiction.

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