Austra share video for second single “Painful Like”

Toronto-based dance music sensation Austra has just released another video from their album Olympia. Directed by Exploding Motor Car, the video for their song “Painful Like” comes following the earlier video release for their lead single “Home.”

According to lead singer Katie Stelmanis, ‘The main influence was 90’s sci-fi movies like The Ninja Turtles, Super Mario Bros and Garbage Pail Kids where all the visual effects are done by hand and look really gross. We asked Exploding Motor Car to make the video cos they specialize in hand-made effects and puppet-making. ‘Painful Like’ is a song about living life in the sidelines.’”

The band will be bringing the energy of Olympia home to Toronto this fall, so prepare to get your dance on at the Phoenix on Sept. 27.

Rebecca Estrada MacDonald

This girl is apt to hunt for where the musical magic happens in and around Montreal. A self-proclaimed night-hawk with her roots in Ottawa and her heart spread out across Canada, she hopes to bring you along on her discovery of the musical world today

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