A Summer Playlist Must: Dawn and Marra’s “Teaspoons and Tablespoons”

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Summer is finally here and if you haven’t yet found the soundtrack to accompany you on your last-minute roadtrips, suntanning sessions by the pool, or afternoons spent relaxing on the porch, then you’ll want to read further.

Indie-folk duo Dawn and Marra hail from Hamilton, Ontario, and their debut 8-track album titled Teaspoons and Tablespoons was officially released on the first of June – right on time for those aforementioned summer activities, but also a fantastic option for any other playlist lacking in the folk-y alternative pop department.

Recorded with producer Howard Redekopp (Said the Whale, Mother Mother, Tegan and Sara) in Vancouver, Canada, from start to finish the listener is provided with flawless, beautifully haunting harmonies and melodies that take over and get you grooving right where you stand. “Wicked Little Girl” is the first track and the second you hear the girls’ crooning, layered over faultless snaps, claps, and pats, you know you’re in for a treat. Guest vocal performances from the Juno-award-winners Said the Whale are lent on tracks like “Jaws”, “Not on Top”, and “Animals”. Seriously – if you’re not singing along to the catchy chorus of “Animals” the first time you hear it, picture yourself listening to it while driving along an open road with wind whipping through your hair and see what happens then.

With Dawn as the primary contributor when it comes to lyrics, and Marra offering her strong, creative musicality, the finished product is a genuine, nearly-magical listening experience laced with intense imagery and good vibes. Teaspoons and Tablespoons reached #1 on CFMU’s Top 5 Albums and was recently picked up by Pandora in the US. The combination of hard work, determination, and sheer talent has resulted in a solid album that can be appreciated by music lovers everywhere.

Whether you’re listening to the album in the midst of summer, or any other season, Teaspoons and Tablespoons is guaranteed to deliver you a great batch of tunes and get you singing along with each of them. Available as a digital album or hardcopy CD, it’s just begging you to welcome it into your iTunes library! Check it out on Dawn and Marra’s Bandcamp page right here.

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