Austra Brings The Noise to Music Hall of Williamsburg

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New York’s own Zambri proved to be an appropriate choice to open the evening with it’s harmonic symmetry and dark textured voice. Sisters Cristi Jo and Jessica Zambri utilized several different microphones on stage experimenting with different rich layers of vocals at times reaching a familiar sound in between Siouxsie Sioux and Karen O. In between a-photic anthems like “Hundred Hearts”, the quartet revealed interesting song structures and energetic percussion.

Doldrums from Montreal moved the sold out crowd to a mix of pounding acoustic drums and shriek-ish singing. Diverse styles of sampling and ghostly synth noise filled in any gaps in between. Some songs incorporated trip hop-esque sounds with vibrant beats creating an interesting contrast in mood. Their performance progressed the evening to an upbeat and optimistic tone with only a subtle hint of doom from controlled chaos.

Austra carefully began their set with a few familiar piano notes from “The Choke” and proceeded to bustle into an astonishing combination of heavenly musical elements. Twin backing singers Sari and Romy Lightman safeguarded harmony while lead vocalist Katie Stelmanis was able to grip notes and hold them at endless will. A vivid picture was painted for each phrase sung that almost made her words seem tangible. The Brooklyn audience, admittedly filled with a good portion of loyal Canadian fans who had followed the band, was privileged to hear a new song that featured dance beat elements with it’s signature dramatic sound. For those who thought the songs on “Feel It Break”, their debut release, couldn’t be more perfect, they are even more dynamic and intoxicating live.

Austra / Doldrums / Zambri @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 9/19/2012

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