EastScene Exclusive: Interview with Yukon Blonde at Edgefest

EastScene’s Josh Fumo sat down with Jeff and Brandon of Yukon Blonde to talk hygiene, touring fatigue, and the festival that almost never happened.


So you guys weren’t originally on the Edgefest bill when it came out back in December of last year. How did you end up joining the bill?

J: We had actually submitted to it a while ago, and I don’t know if it was just up in the air with organizers, but it had been on our schedule for a while before we were added (in May). Nevertheless, we’re really excited to be here – there are so many great bands and great people out here this year.

Is this the first big festival that you guys have been part of?

B: For sure, it’s definitely one of the bigger ones that we’ve been able to take part in.

Have you guys been touring a lot before Edgefest?

B: Oh, for sure. And it can be tough sometimes. I think its hard to keep that momentum, keep your life balanced. Lately it feels like its undertaking- you’re starting to feel that struggle after a while.

J: And we’ve had some tough experiences like any other band, stuff like your van breaking down, getting sick on the road. Certain shows sometimes would have a bad turnout and it starts to hurt your drive to keep going, stuff like that.

What do you think is the most gratifying part of being in a band that’s bringing more local Canadian music into the spotlight?

J: That’s a tough one. It’s all pretty gratifying, to be honest. Sometimes you get humbled, you get stoked, its always different. Sometimes seeing the crowd getting pumped is amazing.

B: Yeah, I don’t feel like we get a lot of bad audiences when we tour, which is awesome.

Do you feel like there’s more pressure as you guys are becoming more and more popular with listeners?

B: I don’t think you can really let it get to you. Once you start getting stressed about what you’re doing, it’s all over.

J: Just gotta do what we do, and it’ll come to us.

Would you rather stay in a hotel with beds but no showers, or with showers but no beds?

B: Showers, definitely. I’m a shower man all the way.

J: I would choose beds, for sure. I can wash my face in the sink if I really need to, and I’ll be good.


Photo credit: Sophia Sadoughi

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