Tonight Alive At Work

Right now, we’re in the midst of the summer (an absolutely glorious one, at that!), and we all know that this means touring is at its absolute peak. The most notorious tour of the summer is Vans Warped Tour. With just about a month left in the tour, Tonight Alive, one of the international bands performing on every date, has announced that they’re working on new demos! Singer Jenna McDougall simply tweeted today about starting out on recording new vocals. For those of you who haven’t discovered this band; 1. Step your game up. 2. They’re a lot a really fun energy with a great female vocalist – Let’s try to avoid the cliche Paramore comparisons. These new demos, just like the rest of the young band’s work, will be nothing short of catchy and amazing. All of you reading, keep an ear open and be sure to check them out at your Warped date!

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