The Forecast At Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory

The Forecast is one of those bands that’s been around for over a little over a decade, a virtual lifetime in the music industry. Despite a complete lineup change circa 2004 that left only member Dustin Addis to rebuild the band, The Forecast managed to come through the mash up of genres like pop punk, emo, and post hardcore bands and emerge as definitively solid indie rock: period. Having not seen them play live in a few years, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the quartet made up of members Shannon Burns – bass/vocals, Dustin Addis-vocals/guitar, Tony Peck-drums and Kevin Ohls- guitar.

Right from the start of their set I was blown away with the anthemic power surging from songs like “Everybody Left”, the title track from there 2012 record and “And We All Return to Our Roots” off 2011’s In the Shadow of Two Gunmen. ┬áThumping drums, atop grinding guitars riffs amped up a devoted crowd who were already singing along to the catchy pop tinged choruses.

As most bands know in a small venue like Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory acoustics can be tricky and sometimes downright abysmal, but Burns and Addis had no problem at all harmonizing their vocals over the roaring guitars. Rare is a live set that carries the same polish as a studio album with the added bonus of kick ass energy and improvisation. As a venue, I enjoy the intimacy of the Knitting Factory, but The Forecast put on a bigger than life performance which needed a bigger, more rocking venue to host it. Despite an enthusiastic crowd that rocked out fully to their set, the intensity of the the music was somehow lost in the open, awkward space of the back room.┬áNext time I see The Forecast live let’s hope it’s at a venue that does their epic sound some actual justice.

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Allison O'Rourke

When not working in the television industry for the MAN, Allison is a music journalist, avid music nerd and attends as many live shows as possible in her hometown of New York City. Always embracing music and the creative process, she has begun to take part in the process itself and hopes to one day leave a little piece of herself behind for others.

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