Moonface with Siinai at Bowery Ballroom

Touring to support the recent release of Heartbreaking Bravery, a collaborative full length album with Helsinki based Finnish band Siinai, Spencer Krug aka Moonface performed along with Siinai at Bowery Ballroom. Krug’s first full length album under the Moonface moniker Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped was released in August of 2011.

Krug’s inflected vocals are a slightly more downbeat version of Bowie, and at times there is an uncanny likeness in tone. Lyrically, Krug caught my attention while belting out lyrics like “Teary eyes and bloody lips make you look like Stevie Nicks” from Teary Eyes and Bloody Lips. Siinai as the backing band were tight musically and there was a type of ambient hum to Krug’s songs which were only enriched by the full band to bring the trippy melodies to life on the stage. In true rockstar style, Krug and Siinai delivered an entirely hypnotic show and each song was full of danceable rhythms with just enough synth to keep the electronics in the driver’s seat.

Moonface is dreamy and atmospheric sounding while listening say at home for instance, but the live show was anything but sleepy.  The smoothly paced set included a jammy booze fueled encore cover of CCR’s “Run Through the Jungle” which was preceded by Krug and the members of Sinaii passing around a bottle of Jameson on stage. Frazzled and wandering, Krug seemed to posses a kind of organized chaos on stage and was able to engage the crowd at the end of the night when he started reading what I could only assume was some kind of poetry from an unknown book over the music. This felt very Jim Morrison to me and delighted the crowd who responded with a smattering of whistles and applause. Seeing Moonface live is highly recommended, let Spencer Krug take you on a strange, awesome trip. After all it is the journey, that’s the most fun, not the destination. Right?

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Photos by: Ryan Loya

Allison O'Rourke

When not working in the television industry for the MAN, Allison is a music journalist, avid music nerd and attends as many live shows as possible in her hometown of New York City. Always embracing music and the creative process, she has begun to take part in the process itself and hopes to one day leave a little piece of herself behind for others.

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