Scream It Like You Mean It Setlists:

The 2012 annual Scream It Like You Mean It festival kicked off in NYC on July 5. This years incredible line up features Attack Attack, Like Moths To Flames, We Came As Romans, and several others. The setlist so far is:

Attack Attack: 

  1. The Family
  2. The Betrayal
  3. Sexual Man Chocolate
  4. Renob, Nevada
  5. Smokohantas
  6. The Hopeless
  7. The Abduction
  8. The Wretched
  9. AC-130
  10. The Revolution
  11. Stick Stickly

Like Moths to Flames:

  1. GNF
  2. The Worst In Me
  3. Something to Live For
  4. Faithless Living
  5. New Song
  6. You Won’t Be Missed
We Came As Romans:
  1. What I Wished I Never Had
  2. To Move On Is to Grow
  3. Misunderstanding
  4. Just Keep Breathing
  5. Broken Statues
  6. Roads That Don’t End and Views That Never Cease
  7. The War Inside
  8. Intentions
  9. Understanding What We’ve Grown to Be
  10. To Plant a Seed
At The Skylines:
  1. Hush
  2. Shady Dreamin’
  3. It’s Cherried
  4. Turbulence
  5. The Amazing Atom
 For All Those Sleeping:
  1. Once a Liar (Always a Fake)
  2. You Belong With Me (Taylor Swift Cover)
  3. Follow My Voice
  4. Mark My Words

Stay tuned for updates and more set lists! 

Brennan Schnell

Brennan Schnell is a Concert photographer in the Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto area. He also currently hosts a video podcast on, Takes photos of many things, and is an avid tech geek. His work has appeared at TorontoLife, TSN, Vistek, Gawker, AskMen, and the Ottawa Citizen. He started EastScene in 2009 to help spread the word of amazing bands. Contact him at bschnell (at) eastscene (dot) com.

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