Joshua Hyslop’s Where The Mountain Meets The Valley – Review

Vancouver-based folksman Joshua Hyslop makes his debut musical appearance in Where The Mountain Meets The Valley, a soulfully driven 12-track collection of songs reflecting Hyslop’s experiences in love, relationships, and the beauty in his life’s experiences.

While the Canadian music scene is anything but lacking in its variety of folk-pop artists, Hyslop’s poetic versing and confident musicianship help to elevate him above and beyond your average ukelele-strumming plaid-shirted band of beards. Channeling influences of hard-hitting indie stars like Iron and Wine, Hyslop strikes fantastic balance between the power of his music and the heart of his lyrics.

Where The Mountain Meets The Valley takes listeners through a colourful variety of folk-pop samplings; from questioning his reason on earth in the opening “Do Not Let Me Go”, to his melodic and harmonious duet with Montreal’s up-and-coming folk queen Anna Scouten in “What Have I Done”, each track brings Hyslop’s passion for life to the front and centre.

Any fan of folk-pop is sure to be pleased with the elegantly crafted album offered by Joshua Hyslop. With a seemingly endless supply of inspiration at his fingertips, Hyslop has the tools he needs to take the music world by storm.

You can listen to some of the song’s off of the album on Hyslop’s SoundCloud by clicking here. Don’t forget to pick up the album on iTunes or Amazon.

Hyslop’s album release is also highlighted by the release of his beautifully natural music video for “Cold Wind” – check it out below:

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