Bluesfest Summer Concert Series: Tiësto

tiesto at bluesfest

I have to be honest with you, I’ve only recently gotten into electronic dance music, or EDM as it is more commonly referred to. That being said, my only exposure to Tiësto, other than a few guest spots on other artists tracks or albums, was his studio album, Kaleidoscope. Although I enjoyed the album very much, my biggest issue was the extremely long builds that led to somewhat anticlimactic drops. So when I found out he would be the opening headliner for Ottawa Bluesfest this year, I had mixed feelings. Let me just set the record straight here and tell you that I had no idea what was coming!


Within a matter of seconds into the first song, it was evident that I had misjudged this 43 year old Dutchman. From the opening salvo of bass drops it was clear that Tiësto is just as energetic and involved in front of thousands of festival goers as he is in more intimate club environments. Even more apparent was the fact that no matter where he performs, he can make any crowd at any venue jump up and down.


The evenings setlist was not pulled from his latest studio album, but sounded more like his mixtape-style Club Life series, with hard hitting electronic beats and powerful builds leading to some insane drops and the crowd soaked up every minute of it, dancing and fist pumping throughout the whole 2 hour set.


If this first day of Bluesfest is any indication of what’s to come, then boy am I in for one hell of a ride…


See you on the other side.

Ryan Matthews

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