My Dear Mycroft to Play NYC’s Pianos April 26th

The vision of My Dear Mycroft came on a late February 2010 night in London while Joemca was reading a Sherlock Holmes short story incapacitated by an attack of gastroenteritis.  Also in the room were a couple of beloved Hard Case Crime novels, and a used copy of William Blake’s “Songs of Innocence and of Experience”.  Though Brooklyn-based, Joemca was living in London working on music and sound design for an experimental puppet show just before the release of his 16 Devils solo album.  The vision of the band came like a lightning strike when coming across a passage where Holmes addresses his brother as “My dear Mycroft…”  It was one of those once in a lifetime full-scale stop your heart moments of inspiration.

My Dear Mycroft was not going to be a bedroom project- a departure from Joemca’s solo work.  It was to be beauteous, but also darker, louder, and more raw.  A few songs, a few sketches later, Joemca recruited Rob Heath on drums and Jess Luck on bass-synth/synth/backing voice to be integral components of the sound.  With desire to flesh out the tunes live, they started playing shows mid-2011 to feel out the music, the band, and the vibe.

Those first gatherings culminated in the five-song Dinosaur ep.  The band wanted to keep it raw and track their live energy so they turned to their favorite house of worship and did a two-day session of mostly live recording with Alex Lipsen at Headgear Studios at the end of 2011.  To complete the picture, Dan Long (also of Headgear Studios) mixed the ep.  Dinosaur is a declaration of a unique unconventional rock aesthetic, and a bold introduction to the band’s sonic landscape and vision.

My Dear Mycroft is a Brooklyn based three-piece nightmare indie rock band named after Mycroft Holmes and loosely influenced by hardboiled crime fiction, detective stories, and a touch of William Blake.  In the realm where nightmares blur with sunny dreams, and a collage of impressionistic images blend with aggressive moodshifts, there is sense.  The band explores grittier, grindier textures with a touch of the ethereal. They play this Thursday, April 26th at Pianos in NYC.

Allison O'Rourke

When not working in the television industry for the MAN, Allison is a music journalist, avid music nerd and attends as many live shows as possible in her hometown of New York City. Always embracing music and the creative process, she has begun to take part in the process itself and hopes to one day leave a little piece of herself behind for others.

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