Boy Set Sail – We’re Almost There

UK pop-rock band, Boy Set Sail has just released their debut E.P., “We’re Almost There,” on I Am Mighty records. They are currently on tour with dates throughout the UK, and with such a major release, you will not want to miss these guys. Even though this is their first release, it is obvious that these guys possess the talent necessary to make it in this industry.

Immediately upon hearing the first track, “Rewind,” it was evident to me that their vocals are ear-catching and certainly unique to this band. The singer has a remarkable voice, almost haunting in a way. It reminds me a lot of bands who have been successful in years past. In my opinion, this is what is going to draw people into their fan-base. We all love those types of songs, the ones that get incessantly stuck in your head with no signs of letting up.

The second track on the EP I find to be the most notable, entitled “Believe.” The chorus is so catchy that I found it stuck in my head for days after just listening to it once. Obviously, I was back for more and you will be too. I believe that these guys are here to stay, they already have proven that with this EP and I cannot wait to see them progress.

Brennan Schnell

Brennan Schnell is a Concert photographer in the Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto area. He also currently hosts a video podcast on, Takes photos of many things, and is an avid tech geek. His work has appeared at TorontoLife, TSN, Vistek, Gawker, AskMen, and the Ottawa Citizen. He started EastScene in 2009 to help spread the word of amazing bands. Contact him at bschnell (at) eastscene (dot) com.

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