Two new bonus tracks from Dave Depper (The Decemberists)

Celebrating the release of Dave Depper’s first solo offering ‘The Ram Project’, City Slang are giving away two bonus tracks: ‘Another Day’ and ‘Oh Woman Oh Why’ both of which were recorded by Paul McCartney around the time of ‘Ram’s release in 1971.

Dave Depper – ‘The Ram Project’ bonus tracks by cityslang

Having previously recorded and toured the world with internationally-renowned artists (Jolie Holland, Mirah, The Decemberists) as well as beloved Portland institutions (Loch Lomond, Norfolk & Western, Musee Mecanique and Blue Giant), Depper felt that it was time that he recorded something of his own. His choice? To re-record Paul McCartney’s ‘Ram’ in a month, on his own, in Oregon. He decided to call it ‘The Ram Project’.

“I was in a rut,” Depper explains. “I’d played on and helped produce dozens of different records, but I’d had yet to follow through with completing anything of my own. I knew that I needed to do something – anything – to prove to myself that I was capable of finishing something that I’d started.”

Adding to the fun, fellow Portlander Joan Hiller charmingly performed Linda McCartney’s prominent harmony vocals.To keep him on task, and to ensure that his peers would give him grief if he slacked, he started a blog and began posting each song as it was finished. And 31 days after recording began; ‘The Ram Project’ was finished.

Brennan Schnell

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