These Kids Wear Crowns announce Jumpstart

While MuchMusic’s reality TV show disBAND uncovers some decent national talent, there is no doubt that its successful competitors will have little effect on the Canadian music industry. Most of the un-disBANDed fall into the generic pop/punk/rock category, gracing the nationwide charts with dance party and workout singles. They also tend to have an excessive number of members. At the front of the list are STEREOS and These Kids Wear Crowns.


Jumpstart will be their second album and the band’s first on a major label. It’ll be released on March 1st, 2011. Check out Tyler Langlade’s lyric video for the title song!

These Kids Wear Crowns are Alex Johnson (vocals), Joe Porter (guitar), Josh Mitchinson (guitar), Alan Poettcker (bass), Matt Vink (synth), and Josh McDaniel (drums).

(Source: MuchMusic)

Brennan Schnell

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