The Matches Try to Ease the Break-up Pain; 4th Album Out Tomorrow

Oakland, CA’s favourite alt-pop quartet The Matches have recently announced their indefinite hiatus, to the dismay of many fans. They’ve been hearing their laments and feeling their sadness, so, in turn, they’ve decided to compile a fourth album. This digital-only release will feature ten tracks–some heard, some not–and will be available on Tuesday, August 11th for download. Check what the band had to say about it below, including track-listing:

All the recent pleas to release more music meant so much to us. So it is on its way, another album from the Matches, digital release only (to get it out without delay).

It’s called

the Matches album 4, unreleased; graphics? title? or not needed?

Our friends at Talking House Records and Studios in San Francisco worked extremely hard (and fast) to make this collection of previously unreleased songs, recent song demos, and two barely-released acoustic tracks all sound good and sound good together.

track list, in order

1. It’s My Day

2. Wicked Walk

3. Like Yesterday

4. Here’s to Love (acoustic)

5. I Tried (So Hard)

6. Needs and Wants

7. 50 Altered States

8. If Nothing Else

9. Nothing’s Going On

10. My Doe, Part 1 (acoustic)

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