Isles & Glaciers – new Craig Owens side project!

Chiodos and Cinematic Sunrise is not enough for Craig Owens! His new side project Isles & Glaciers and they just announced the line up. Watch the video here.

The line up concists of Craig Owens & Matt Goddard from Chiodos, Johnny Craig from Emarosa, Vic & Mike Fuentes from Pierce The Veil, Nick Martin from CinSun and Brian Southalls from TREOS. The band is now recording their new album, coming out in March. Expect great things!

Brennan Schnell

Brennan Schnell is a Concert photographer in the Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto area. He also currently hosts a video podcast on, Takes photos of many things, and is an avid tech geek. His work has appeared at TorontoLife, TSN, Vistek, Gawker, AskMen, and the Ottawa Citizen. He started EastScene in 2009 to help spread the word of amazing bands. Contact him at bschnell (at) eastscene (dot) com.

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